Need To Sell Your Land Fast? Top 5 Reasons Why

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Need to sell your land fast? How do you know if it’s really time?

One of the biggest problems landowners deal with on a regular basis is trying to quickly sell a property that they no longer need. There can be literally hundreds of reasons why someone would need to get rid of their vacant land fast and without any effort on their part. If you need to sell your land fast, and you’re not sure if its the right time, that’s ok. In this article, we will cover the top 5 reasons people need to sell their land, and explore what drives that initial decision to seek a solution to a growing problem.

      1. The land was inherited, or unexpectedly given

As most people know, when a landowner passes away, the deed to that property will oftentimes go to a relative or family member. Many times, the heir is not financially or emotionally ready for land ownership, and when it comes time to pay property taxes or legal issues arise,the land becomes a burden to them. This leads them to seek out an easy solution to their problem.


       2. The property taxes on the land are too much to handle.

Even when the property was purchased, not inherited, it can still be a financial burden. Depending on the county that the land is located in, and a variety of other factors, property taxes can range from realPure Land BuyersPure Pure Land Buyersly cheap to reallyexpensive. And depending on the State, unpaid (delinquent) property taxes can increase excessively if not paid. When many landowners realize that their property taxes have been delinquent with the county, they seek a fast way to sell the land and not worry about it going to foreclosure.

need to sell your land fast


         3. Proper due diligence was not completed before purchasing the property.

Another common reason people need to sell their landquickly is that they purchased the wrong property to beginwith. There are so many different complexities to buying the right land, some of the primary components are: zoning, soil percolation, property taxes, road access, and utilities (water, electric, sewer). If one of these components gets overlooked or is not as expected, the land can be virtually useless to its owner. This can also be known as “buyers remorse”.  Either way, the land becomes a problem, and needs to be sold as soon as possible.


       4. The plans to develop the land fall through.

When someone buys a parcel of land, hoping to build on it in the future, it can take more time than expected to get permits and funding for the project. During this time, jobs, county building codes, local economies, and county regulations can all change, making it not financially or legally viable to continue with development plans. When a landowner no can no longer plan to develop the property, they will look for a way to sell the land fast and without paying any fees. The time and money wasted on the project, simply gives them no other option. If you had big plans to build, but no longer can, you might need to sell your land fast.


      5. The land has lost value, and is not expected to appreciate.

There are a large number of people in the United States who purchase land with the sole intent of holding onto it in hopes that it will increase in value. This investment strategy is known as “Land Banking”. Depending on the market, this can be a great way to invest. Unfortunately, with the unpredictability of the economy, this approach to land ownership can also lead to some significant financial losses. When someone holds on to a parcel of land for several decades and it doesn’t increase in value, they will look for a way to get rid of it. They will seek a way to sell quickly and without hassle, because they have already wasted enough time waiting for the value to appreciate.

 need to sell your land fast

Over all, there are a ton of reasons that people find themselves stuck with a property that they need to sell as soon as possible. This is a very common occurrence, and it’s where we offer the most value to our clients. We understand your frustration with your property, and it is our goal to provide an easy solution to your real estate problem. If you need to sell your land fast and without paying any out of pocket fees, we’re here to help. This means we cover closing costs, title work, and all unpaid (delinquent) property taxes. We can also typically close within 30 days, leaving you with a check in hand, and a sense of relief.


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