We Buy California Land Fast!

Sell your land fast in California regardless of condition, age, size or situation.

We buy land by providing home sellers with a cash offer to purchase. If you are happy with the offer, we move forward and close the transaction when it's most convenient for you.

Are you looking for a way out of a situation that involves land you own in California, CA? You've found the right place! I'm confident we can help you.

We are a professional land buying company that buys land fast in California. We pay cash for homes, which makes the entire process mple and quick.

Our guaranteed all-cash offer is the reason so many of our customers choose us.

Who we buy land to help

You may be thinking that only people facing foreclosure require a company that buys land fast. You might be surprised to find out that we buy land from people for lots of different reasons...the vast majority of which do not involve the need to avoid foreclosure.

Are you experiencing one of these situations:

  • Inherited land that you have no use for?
  • Too many improvements needed and don't have the desire to fix it?
  • Want to invest in a business or another land and need the cash?
  • Land too big and you want to downsize?
  • Don't feel like paying a Realtor thousands of dollars in commissions?
  • Don't want dozens of strangers viewing your land if you put it up for sale?

Our main goal as a land buying company

Our goal as a company is to help you sell your land fast so that you can focus on what's more important to you. We know what it's like to have a piece of land be the first thing you think about each day...weighing on you. It's not fun. We buy land in California so that you get rid of that headache.

That's why we buy land in California, CA and pay cash. This allows us to make you fair offer and close as soon as you'd like, within 2 days if necessary! Forget about making ANY repairs, we will buy your home regardless of the shape it's in.

If you've tried to sell your land before with an agent or by yourself, you know how frustrating it can be to have to always be available to show the land and keep it clean.... Not to mention having to have complete strangers come through and pick your land apart.

We really are local and different

We're different! We're NOT real estate agents... We don't want to list your land or help you sell it, we want to buy your land. That's what is meant when we say that we buy land. We are a legitimate land buying company.

Maybe the land and situation has been causing you stress and you don't even know where to begin. Even if you don't know the first thing about selling land, with or without an agent, we can help. When we buy your land, we take care of everything for you...and we don't charge any fees or commissions!

Whatever reason you have for wanting to sell your land, we can help. We've been buying land in California for many years and have seen it all. You can be assured that we will treat you with respect and do our best to help you, even if you don't sell us your land.

How to get started

The process to sell your land fast is super simple. Just give us a call at (888) 457-6840 or fill out the form at the top of the page and we will contact you.

We will come out and take a look at the land and can usually make you an offer within 30 minutes!

There is absolutely no-obligation, so you don't have to do anything if you aren't completely satisfied with our offer to buy your land.

[California] land buyers

Pure Land Buyers, Owner

We buy land in California as a way of helping people that don't want to sell the conventional way. We believe having the option to sell a home fast allows people to spend their time doing what they want to do. It's all about helping people.

This business is how we make a living. We always treat people with respect.

"You bought our land quickly and smoothly. The process was very easy, and I appreciate your direct communication throughout the entire transaction. I could not be happier and will recommended you to my relatives."

Carolyn Young - Spokane, WA

Why us?

Here are some of the reasons so many people contact us to buy their land. We're here to help and offer a fast closing so that you can move on with your life.

sell your land fast

We are honest.

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do here, and it's our goal to establish a trusting relationship with our clients. We will always communicate openly and directly, so you will have a clear, up-to-date understanding of each step within the transaction process.

sell your land fast

Avoid Cleaning up the Property

We pay cash which allows us to buy your land no matter what condition it is in.

sell your land fast

No Fees

We don't charge any fees for our service, and you will pay nothing out of pocket. This also includes any outstanding property taxes as well. We simply just want to buy your land.

sell your land fast

No Commissions

Avoid paying thousands of dollars to a real estate agent. They're not needed. We are your buyer. You don't need anyone to help you find a buyer.

sell your land fast

Close Fast

Paying cash allows us to close super fast. If you want to close within a week, that's usually possible. If you need some time, no problem!

sell your land fast

We Pay Cash

To keep things simple and efficient, we purchase all of our properties outright with cash. When you sell your land to us, you will typically have payment in hand within 30-45 days.

How All This Works

Step 1: Fill out the form below (bottom of page)

How it Works

Once we get the information, we analyze the property and determine an estimate for what we can pay you. (All of our offers are within 10-40% of market value)

Step 2: We determine if the property meets our criteria

How it Works

We compare the property with our buying criteria and see if it is something we can purchase. The more information you provide, the faster we can make you an offer.

Step 3: We Make You a Cash Offer

How it Works

We'll make you an all cash offer to buy the land exactly the way it is. There's no fees, and no-obligation. Accept only if you like our offer. We can typically close the transaction and send you payment within a few weeks.

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